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About Us

Welcome to the future money management!
Tradelize is an investment network that aims to build a highway between truly talented professionals and retail investors.

Investment professionals get:

  • An instant access and flawless execution on global capital markets via Tradelize Terminal
  • Ability to interact with investors to share new ideas, compare performance and scale their potential by raising funds for management via Investment Portal
  • Powerful toolset to unite into communities and proprietary trading companies to amplify their performance or mitigate losses of their mates.

For retail investors, we lower the barriers of entry to major capital markets worldwide by providing a 100% proven expertise and ability to earn on par with the best professionals via Investment Portal. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Register
  2. Pick professional that suits you best
  3. Choose the way of cooperation
  4. ...and here you are...earning on par with the best professionals

Think a new way of the wealth management!
No hidden fees, third parties, complexities.
You always know where your money is and remain in full control of it.

Tradelize. Trade faster. Invest smarter.

Our Team

Tradelize team has decades of combined experience in investments, finance and technology. Some of them are seasoned investment professionals in money management, high frequency trading on various capital markets. Others have held crucial roles at well-known technology companies with highly scalable agile back-end architecture.

TDZ Token

TDZ Token is pure utility token that will represent internal mean of access and payment in Tradelize ecosystem. Users will be able to pay trading fees, premium product features, commissions for premium P2P services and even share profits with TDZ token.


  • 2017 Concept Creation and start of product development; Team building
  • March 2018 Launch MVP trading Terminal; Closed token sale start
  • June 2018 Launch Trading terminal Alpha; Postponed ICO till the end of August
  • October 2018 Launch Trading terminal Beta; Canceled ICO; Team transformation to adapt to new challenges and macro environment
  • January 2019 Highly scalable agile back-end infrastructure
  • March 2019 Redesigned Trading Terminal with tone of new features and Investment Portal Alpha release
  • More to come, so stay tuned!