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Tradelize is an ecosystem with a set of unique tools
for both professional traders and regular crypto holders
The very first trading terminal for crypto has launched in beta.
Download it right now!
TOP-300 traders
We launched a contest to select the best crypto traders. They will manage capital received from Tradelize.

We will transfer 80% of the TGE funds to the best 300 traders to manage.
These 300 top traders will become the base of ProTraders whose trades may be copied by cryptoholders.
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To participate in the TOP-300 competition at Tradelize you'll need to:
Register for the TOP-300 competition

Download and install the Terminal Connect exchange accounts to your Tradelize account using API keys

Trade using Tradelize Terminal for a minimum of 2 months
Become one of the top 300 traders
The total amount of capital which will be given to ProTraders to manage is up to $24,000,000

Maximum amount of capital given to a single Trader: $500,000
The contest start date
will be announced later.
Top 1-10 Traders
will receive up to $500,000
Top 11-50 Traders
will receive up to $100,000
Top 51-100 Traders
will receive up to $75,000
Top 101-300 Traders
will receive up to $40,000
The Tradelize ecosystem includes:
Tradelize Terminal
Tradelize Terminal - a professional crypto trading terminal
Tradelize Web
Tradelize Web – a web portal where cryptoholders can let professional traders manage their crypto assets and can copy their trades for commission.
Tradelize Score
Tradelize Score – a rating system based on blockchain technology which records the trading history of professional traders and automatically creates their rating
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